We are really happy to present our newest members to our community! This company was founded by a swede and a finn in a local bar in Frankfurt, Germany after sharing good ideas and fine pilsners.
Nordicleads is a true child of the Estonian digital nomad program, proving that the offering of an easy digital infrastructure for entrepreneurs and straightforward taxation attracts new business to Estonia.
Nordicleads, who are you and what do you do?
We are a performance marketing agency that offers both performance marketing services and consultancy to companies. We are however mostly known for our lead generation services, hence the name of our company. We are B2C lead specialists and we generate GDPR compliant marketing consents for our direct marketing clients. We also build and develop affiliate products and whitelabels. We have through the years helped customers like Elisa, Zmarta, DNA, Vattenfall, AIG, Fortum, Verisure and many more.
In what markets do you operate?
We advertise and help customers in all the Nordic markets + the Baltics.
What is a performance marketing agency and how is it different from a traditional agency?
In short, performance marketing is the future of marketing and will take down traditional agencies in time. We help customers generate sales, leads and signups at a fixed price. Not a lot of agencies can do that. Their objective is instead to spend as much client budget as possible to get the biggest possible cut, that’s why they don’t bother negotiating prices. A little known secret is that the agencies also get a kickback by the publishers when they spend their clients money (aka radio, magazines and media houses). I don’t know who said this but “Show me the incentive and I can tell you what action a person will take”. We instead make money when our clients makes money. We find that more fair for our clients.
You are Swedish and your business partner is Finnish, why did you start your business in Estonia?
The reason we ended up in Estonia is a bit random. Me, David and my business partner Vesa were both living in Germany at the time we founded Nordicleads OÜ.
The business idea was born in a small drinking hole called Tannenbaum. However we didn’t want to open a GmbH in Germany. If you know the German bureaucracy, you know why. That’s why Estonias digital residency program was so tempting. It gave us the possibility to test our idea and gave us the easy digital infrastructure we needed. In Germany we would have drowned in lawyer, notary and accountants fees before ever making the first lead for our clients.
When did you start your business and how has it developed since?
We started in 2018 and have had an amazing growth. We started without any external capital and bought media with 30-60 days payment terms and had 15 days towards our clients. By 2021 we turned over 1.4 million euros with a generous margin and were on a trajectory of being in the Financial Times FT1000 -list. 2022 however hit us like a ton of bricks. When times get tough, marketing is the first thing you cut and we felt that one. It forced us to develop, become leaner and we are heading to a record profit year with a turnover of 1 million euro in 2024.
What has been your biggest challenge?
Cashflow and capital has been our biggest challenge in growth. We have also found Estonian banks to be a bit strict. During our 6 years of business we have not been contacted even once by a representative of our bank. Not once have we been offered a product or service by them. This is a huge contrast to Sweden where you would get a person responsible for your business account. This has however forced us to build our own capital and made us stay debt-free.
Why did you become a member of the SCCE and what do you hope to get out of your membership?
We feel it’s time we get more engaged in the community here and hope to find a place to share knowledge, experience and gain insights to help us grow as people and as a company. Oh, and my wife happens to be the new Ombudsman.
What are you working on in 2024?
We hope to make affiliate marketing a thing in Estonia. At the moment there are not really any good affiliate networks or offers to talk about outside of the casino industry here in Estonia. We hope to connect with Estonian companies who want a good alternative for their performance marketing. We will continue developing our services here for the casino industry with our site ParimOnlineKasiino where we list all licensed casinos in Estonia. For anyone outside the world of online casinos we are developing Pakkumisteklubi and would be really happy if any members of the chamber would want to join us.
How can you contribute to SCCE and our community?
If you want advice regarding performance marketing or marketing it’s free of charge. Just write me and I will help you.
We also offer 25% discount on our services to all SCCE members.

NordicLeads OÜ

Niine 7, Tallinn, Estonia, 10414