The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia is delighted to announce our newest member, Södra Forest Estonia OÜ, a significant player in the forestry and timber export industry. Södra Forest Estonia OÜ, operating in Estonia since 2006, manages around 17,500 hectares of land, with more than 90% being forest land. Their primary activities include forest management and pulpwood purchasing for Södra’s pulp mills in Sweden, utilizing timber terminals in Pärnu and Kunda. Additionally, they engage in leasing and selling agricultural land, and collaborate with local hunters to ensure the sustainable management of their forest properties.
Södra is also active in Latvia where the land area is about 135 000 ha.

“We strive to be a responsible forest owner making steps every day in order to get a better forest tomorrow than today. We strongly believe in that actively managed forests contribute to a better climate and meanwhile the products from forest could substitute less environmental products”.

Leading the company’s Baltic operations is Björn Frediksson, Managing Director for Södra Baltic Region. Björn has a rich history in the industry, having previously worked for other forest companies in the Baltics. 

Södra Forest Estonia OÜ adheres to high standards of environmental stewardship. They are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and they follow ISO14001:2015 environmental management standards. Their practices ensure the preservation of biodiversity, ecological productivity, and cultural values in their forests.

Södra Forest Estonia OÜ organizes logging activities and sells logs, fuelwood, and forest residues for local energy use. Additionally, they manage 1,054 land units across all regions of Estonia, ensuring high-quality cooperation with other Estonian forest owners and maintaining sustainable forest management practices.

On behalf of the whole SCCE community we warmly welcome Södra Forest Estonia OÜ to our chamber and look forward to their continued contributions to the industry and the community! We are really happy to have you onboard!

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